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fly with your wings and reach for those stars
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Okay, this journal will be semi friends only.
To all my friends, thanks for adding me, telling me to add you.
To those reading, nice to meet you and welcome to my journal.
If you want to be added, do please introduce yourself so I can get to know who's adding me.

This layout is made by: Fruitstyle. Check it out. She has awesome layouts.

27th-Nov-2029 09:23 pm - introduce yourselves
Okay guys. Here is a simple introduction about me.
I'm 26, living in California. I am random sometimes and tend to act dorky and weird. Especially when I'm hyper. I talk non stop when i'm into things. Like this and that. And I never shut up. Born and raise for ten years in the Philippines, then moved around after the pinatubo eruption. Or was it during? I don't remember. But I remember walking over this hot gray water. I like to chat with friends. I don't talk much, but just talk to me and I'll talk to you. Unless I'm busy or not on the computer. I like to reply on emails I get sent. Letter emails. Not junk ones. Ummmm... I think that's it? Aside from jpop/kpop love, and u wanna get to know me more, just email me or message me and I'll reply back. Though I prefer email cause I'm on it like 24/7. Or whenever I'm online. Or message me if you want to add me on a messager, just pm a request. Anyway. I wanna know about you! Tell me about yourself.

I've been getting a lot of spam comments on this page and its rather annoying. So please don't post unnecessary comments if you don't even plan on being my friend. Thanks
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ryutaro heartpillow
26th-Sep-2011 10:16 pm - Hello there!

Hello there my fellow livejournal friends!
It's been such a long time since I last posted osmething. I have been super busy lately with school. Airheaded me decided to enroll in too many classes and now I have no choice but to take them all. Honestly I can't wait til I graduate so I can just focus on one school and get a better job. (I go to two schools btw). So yeah. Waiting for the graduation day and I'm anticipating the day I get back into my JE fandom. Well, of course I'm still a fan, its just that I haven't been keeping up to date cause you know, busy schedule. I try to keep with the new music and new though.


Do I have something to say.
There's a mouse in the house! I don't know how many but there were quite a few. I mean we were able to trap one after another and more kept coming. My mom is a horder so we're guessing its from that. Let alone my room was pretty messy too. I cleaned my room a little, but it's not enough yet. I'm gonna rearrange it so I can shampoo my carpet and stuff. Then yeah! Its sad seeing a mouse squeak in fear after it got trapped. I wanna let it get away but it chews up a lot of my things. So yeah. I'm glad its not a mouse really. haha! Anyway, there was a mouse who kept trying to go here and there in my room and I just watched it. It was like I was amazed by it or something. LOL!! Honestly, when i think of mouse or hamsters, Ryutaro pops up in my head. Maybe that's why. LOL!

Still waiting for Ryutaro's return. LOL!

chibi hsj
16th-Apr-2011 01:47 pm - HIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, long time no post! How are you guys doing my fellow readers and buddies?

I'm doing quite well but busy recently. I try to continue with the things that I've done. I'm still subbing. I still need to install it. Good thing I haven't forgotten the process. I kind of did, but I'll remember once I do something similar. LOL. It's not that hard to encode. LOL. But it does take a while to sub. LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you this link. Most of you probably have heard of it. Here's the link for you: penzu.com/r/29f0b585. You guys know how locked diaries work right? It's like that, but online. No one can see it except you. Unless you choose to share it with others of course. LOL. If you decide to get it. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH IT!  =)
chibi hsj
12th-Nov-2010 03:10 am - So Much To Do So Little Time

Hello everyone, here I am once again with another entry. I apologize for not being active once again. Well, as the title says, so much to do so little time. I'm sure many of you are going through the same situation?


Unfortunately, my father went through another surgery. This time, I wasn't with him. He went to get his gum check at the VA (Veteran Affairs [Happy Veteran's Day to all veterans out there by the way]) and they had him go through the operation at the same day. I had no idea for sure. This was the same day that I came to my intern late because he took that car that I drive
and I didn't know how to take the bus. Luckily, my mom came home before I could start walking to school (believe me, it's a pretty long walk if you ask me, well not exactly.. about half an hour perhaps?). So I went to work late and came to class after the internship and when the class ended, that's when I found out about his gum surgery. The side effects is just so terrible. His cheek is so swollen that it looks like he has two softballs in his cheeks (like the cartoon ed, edd, and eddy show when they have jawbreakers in their mouth; google it =); if you still can't picture it, think of the nutty professor about how his cheeks were huge cause he's fat - like that! but only his left side ). So he had his friend, which I call uncle (non-related) pick me up. That was about twenty minutes of waiting in the cold, but it was okay. To my surprise, his cheek was like big!! I felt
so bad. He can barely eat anything too. And this will take a few days for it to go back (it's still big at this moment). The way he talks changed as well. You can tell he's in pain just by talking. But I can't really pitty him now, can I? At around two in the morning, he woke up and went to my room cause I went out to eat; and boy his cheek were twice as huge as it was when
I saw it. It was rather scary. Anyway, around nine or ten, he asked me to take him to the store so we can buy him noodles cause he couldn't eat anything; his teeth can't handle any food that needs chewing. So we went to wal-mart and while I was there, I bought two boxes of cup of noodles, yogurts, chicken noodle soup. I didn't know what else to get him but
noodles. Why me? Cause he was embarrassed to show his face in front of the other shoppers. It felt like it was an emergency or something too so I tried to rush as much as I can. on the way home, we had to stop in the middle of the road cause he had to throw up. He was throwing up for about five minutes. He said all he ate was a banana, but he threw it up afterwards. Poor father.

Car Accident:

Wednesday morning(same day when I bought him food at wal-mart), I was going to walk again to work, but my dad came home at ten in the morning. His cheek was still huge from the surgery but it looked worse cause the blood I guess was like surrounding the swollen area. So he told me that someone hit the car; and I was like "What!?" There he told me that the back of the car got hit. On the way to wal-mart though, he told me the details. Apparently, the car that hit my dad's car was hit by another car in which made that car hit my dad. He didn't get the car's info though cause he was in a hurry for his appointment. Wish he did though.

His Condition:

My dad is getting better, but his cheek is still blown up. I just wonder when it will go back to normal. I can't stand seeing my dad in pain like that.

You're Hired:

Let's celebrate! I just turned in my application to work at the school. Currently I am working as a student worker and starting next semester, I will be working as an employee. I love that job. It's so laid back and now stressful. Well sometimes it is when it gets busy but most of the time it's slow and laid back. LOL. I can't wait to start working as an actual employee!

ACURE Organics:

"Acure for a cure. Acure for the planet. Acure for the skin." That's the logo for this particular skin care product that I'm currently using. This particular product is actually good for your skin as it uses mostly organics and natural ingredients. No chemicals whatsoever. How lovely is that?!! With every bottle purchased donates a dollar to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The bottles are recycled as well. So isn't that awesome? It's like killing three birds with one stone! It's a win-win situation either way.

What do I think of the product? I love it. The facial scrub is just awesome. I just use a little bit and it's enough for my face, same will all of the other products I have. When I wash my face with water after using the facial scrub, my skin feels so smooth and slippery. LOL. I haven't used it for a long time yet, but I gotta say, it feels good. I'm loving the results so far. I'm using the facial serum cause it says it's suppose to reduce scars and hyper pigmentation and blotchiness on your face. I must say, I like the results. I notice that they're lighting up bit by bit. So I can't wait til it's all gone. I mean I'm using it on my chest too, cause my hair does irritate my skin and face, so I get pimples from it a lot. Hair and hands are the most dirty part of the body. I just need to find a way to stop touching my face and have my hair away from my face and chest and back. =_= Darn those baby bangs!! LOL

Christmas Shopping:

I think I should start my Christmas shopping now! I tend to get lazy and forget things so I might now even do anything 'til last minute. I don't wanna procrastinate this year, especially since I'm making most of the presents myself. I'm making my mom scrubs for Christmas. Maybe I'll make her a Chargers one. LOL. Just kidding. I don't mind making my sister one though. I'm making everyone shorts and pants for sleeping for sure though. I just hope I get the right amount of fabric! Ahahha!! Maybe I should make them during the Thanksgiving weekend. Then again, I still need to clear up my room so I have some room to make them.

I shall post pictures when I finish making them. The scrubs will be difficult I'm sure!!!
chibi hsj

Don’t you hate it when you push your backspace button and your page ends up going back? That just happened to me and my almost done entry was removed after I hit the forward button. Darn backspace key. I hate it when that happens. Now I have to start all over. I just hope I remember the things I wrote cause I’m feeling better after venting.

Internship or work

How many of you guys work for a retail company or as a cashier? Have you ever been short? Yup! You guessed it right. I was short today at work. Guess how much? 100 bucks!! That’s a lot don’t you think? And to think that I was working at my own pace, and making sure I get everything right so I wouldn’t be short. A hundred bucks!! I can get two or three outfits from that! Honestly, I still feel worrisome about what just happened. All these time, I thought I wouldn’t be short, and yet I was. I would always make sure I wouldn’t give more than what they should too. But I was short because I counted the payment that was handed to me wrong. I guess in my mind, the amount given to me was the right amount, yet it wasn’t. Even when I counted the payment. This is probably the reason why I hate cash. Not only because they’re dirty, and can be counterfeited, but can also be given with the wrong amount and be counted as the right amount. Gah!!! Sometimes I wish the payee would count their money too. Why isn’t anyone honest in what they do anymore? So now, I have to talk to the supervisor and hopefully it can be fixed. It’s just too much. I hate money!! Seriously I do. Because of money, it seems as if life is like the monopoly game. I wonder what the world would be like if money wasn’t involved. GEE!! Whoever invented money is mean!! Not just invent, but thought of too. I’m getting out of topic already.

Business Math

Have you ever had a teacher that would teach you how to do math without showing you how to do them? That’s right! Another rant! Well, this is about a teacher that I currently have and whenever he teaches us something, he would tell us instead of showing us. And I see all my classmates going uh huh, uh huh even when they don’t get it. He knows they don’t get it cause when we move to the next step everyone ends up telling him the wrong answers and stuff. I mean he needs to understand the fact that there are visual learners, not just auditory learners. He may be one, but seriously? Majority of the students in the class don’t understand English as well as others. I gave up listening in class. I just go by the book now. I mean it’s the only thing I can do since I do get confused when he tells us how to solve a problem without showing us. Even if he’s following an example from a book.
Another thing is that he copies a question, but copies the wrong answers or vice versa. I get it, but least copy the right ones. It’s confuses us more. I mean wouldn’t you? I would end up going ballistic cause the answer wouldn’t be there no matter how many times I do the same problem and keep getting the same answer. It makes you wanna give it wouldn’t it?


Yay! I’m finally getting back on track with writing to my penpals. I feel horrible writing to them late. Because of that, I made a commitment that I will write to them at least a week or two after I get their letter. That way I won’t have them waiting more than a month. Of course homeworks first. Reading their letters and writing to them is so relaxing. I love learning about them and their culture. It’s so much different from mine. Sometimes I wish our government worked the same way too. LOL. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everyone had the same government and stuff? It would be so bland!! LOL
chibi hsj
19th-Oct-2010 07:01 pm - New Layout New Concept

Hello fellow friendship!!
Like my layout? I do!! I got the layout from fruitstyle comm. A lot of their layouts are good. All you need to do is tweak it up a bit if you don't like some of the layout. Like me. When I first got this layout, it was all pink, but I changed the sides to green, and the side menu a different color and the background for the user icon to pink. The only think I can’t seem to fix is the ad. I wish I can figure out a way to make the ad appear all the way to the right. Aha kind of hard to explain so I’ll just give you the actual layout so you don’t go like “what” on what I’m talking about.


As I stated on the header, I will be having a new concept on my blog. So I can be organized with what I talk about, I’ll be separating them by categories. That should help me a little with organizing this blog a bit right? These categories are gonna be tags too. Hmm.. interesting. Let me know what you think about the new concept if ever okay? I mean sometimes I do wonder if my blog posts are worth it? Like are they even considered interesting or something? Or were they worth reading? Who’s know though right?


Is there a storm or something? It’s been gloomy the past few weeks and it’s pretty weird. It was raining pretty hard earlier and since it was too cold, it fogged up the window. I can’t really see through it. The rain may be cold, but for some reason it’s relaxing as well. I find the rain quite interesting. I’m not sure why, but I just do. I hibernate or try to whenever it does rain. I just don’t like how it gets super hot after it rains or there’s an after smell from it. Does anyone go through that?


So, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready for my dad’s surgery today. His was at six in the morning. I fell asleep around one in the morning so I didn’t have enough sleep. I couldn’t sleep on the road either. I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to sleep when I’m in the front passenger seat. Anyway, I wasn’t allowed to cause I had to find out the streets and exits we had to take to get to the hospital so I can tell me my mom how to get to the hospital later on. So when we got there, we waited for about 15 minutes since we got the pretty early. They took him in at 6 in the morning and I was told that his actual surgery starts at 8. So I was just waiting in the waiting room ‘til the operation ends which we were told 6-8 hours; however the surgery took only an hour!! My mom came around 7:30-ish and I requested some food. I got me some monopoly game stickers. Aha. I hope I win something this year. If not, there’s next year once again! Yay! Anyway, my dad’s surgery ended around 9 and they called my mom and told us that we can come and see him now. When we saw him, his right eye was covered. He told us that he can see clearer than before now, which made me think of having laser eye surgery. Perhaps I will later when I have money. A little while after we came to see him, he started experiencing a scratchy, itchy, sandy feeling on the inside of his lid. Turns out that they made an incision on his lid, so he was experience such feeling. So the nurse or doctor put another patch on his eye so he doesn’t end up scratching his right eye. He was told that he’s not allowed to take his patch off ‘til tomorrow. He was told not to rub or scratch his eye as well as to stay away from alcohol. Yes!! It’s so difficult to make him not drink everyday! At least today, he won’t be drinking. I hope he won’t be doing the same for tomorrow too. We will be going back to the hospital tomorrow. His appointment is at 7 in the morning and we’ll be leaving the house at around 5:30 am.


Has anyone noticed that most scholarships are usually contests? I am so bad with contests. All I can do is be better with my writing. I’m not very experienced with writing, especially when it comes to essays so I still need to keep trying. Hopefully I’ll win one later in the future. That would probably be the best accomplishment in regards to essay writing. If I win it means I’ve gotten better with the way I write right? Maybe not, but that’s what I think.


Speaking of organization, I need to figure out how I can make my room have more space. My room is small and yet I have a lot of things in there. I have a small fridge to put my drinks in there so I can always keep my drinks cool. I love cold water. Don’t you? It tastes good and it’s very refreshing. Anyway, I have a desk, shelf, and a drawer. I have other stuff too. Like where the printer goes and such. I may need to remove the clothes in my closet as well. I need a new wardrobe. All my clothes are clothes that I do not wear any longer. I need a new sense of style as well. I know I need warm clothes, summer clothes, jackets, sweaters, jeans, office clothes or professional clothes since we do present at the last day of class and we have to dress professionally. So that would be a good idea.


Are you guys going trick or treating? I’m not doing that. I might be passing out candy like last time again. If not, I’ll be working on my homework. I don’t have a life anymore because of school. I chose to focus on getting a degree so I need to focus on that fact.


Do you guys know what you goal is yet? I have a lot of dreams (a goal with a deadline) but I still need to come up with a goal that I can inspire me as well. I mean I wanna have a goal in which I would be motivated in working hard all my life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I know it would for me. Haha
inoo food
14th-Oct-2010 03:30 am - Hollywood Bowl

 Guys, please vote for me so I can win this contest and use the prize to pay for college. Be sure to tell your friends okay? Vote everyday too please. Thanks in advance.
chibi hsj
13th-Oct-2010 07:39 pm - wild animus
let me start with my day. of course i did the usual during the first few days of the week.
i did my intern til 530 pm then afterwards, i went to the counseling office to make an appointment with a counselor and of course with the school psychologist
i sure hope that everything will be taken care off.

afterwards, i went to buy some grapes at henry's marketplace.
they were 77 cents a pound and i got three bags.
then bought some large potatoes for less than 2 dollars.
love it when it's during sales.
i also got me some emu oil lip balm.
i so need that since my lips are always dry..

afterwards, i went to goodwill to look for books
and while i was looking, i saw this book called "wild animus"
and do you know what i thought that was when i first saw that book a few years ago?
"wild anus" ahahhhaha
me and my friend saw that before too.

sadly they didn't have the book i was looking for.
perhaps they have it at book off

if you're interested in wanting to know the book, it's called blue bloods by melissa de la cruz
and she's filipino!!
yay for filipino pride!!
if i like her books, i think i'm gonna like her and she may be my favorite author
i don't have one yet
her books seems interesting as well.

well, there's no food really so i'm gonna cook me some scrambled eggs with cheese

ahahhaha.. breakfast for dinner. yumm
chibi hsj
12th-Oct-2010 02:39 pm - business
there are two businesses that i wanna have but i don't know where to begin.

i wanna like start on it already! and i don't know where to start. i should really talk to a counselor and i need a mentor.
i wonder where i can get a mentor though.
you guys know any mentors? 
chibi hsj
12th-Oct-2010 12:01 am - interesting
 i calculated how long it will take me to stay in school at university of phoenix and it says 23 months. so that's almost 2 years. how insteresting is that?


so pretty soon i'll be graduating. that's in 2012 though.

but before i do get my degree i'll be getting my certificate in payroll and ebusiness and all that stuff.

another thing is that i'm thinking of taking all these classes.
there's web design, online business, payroll classes, general education

i'm gonna take japanese and english too
why take english? cause i wanna get better when i write fics!!
do you how bad my fics are? LOL
and of course japanese so i can understand japanese better, especially when i watch

i just learned something new.
i didn't know high school is considered junior college in singapore. that's interesting!!!
ahahha.. sometimes i'm like so stupid that i have no idea what i'm talking about or i'm just really super weird when i do talk about stuff. LOL

anyway. i forgot what i was gonna talk about.
oh!! i was doing some thinking while i was at my intern today and i think i know what i wanna do for the business i wanna open up later in the future. and that's gonna be a secret until i find some more information about it.

i can't wait to finish this semester though. i hope i start working next semester where i have my intern. i can't wait i can't wait!! need the money to pay those dang bills. LOL
chibi hsj
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